Card Feed Error on a DTC525 and DTC 550 Printer

Fargo Fargo DTC550

When printing PVC cards with a Fargo DTC525 card printer or a Fargo DTC550 card printer, the LCD screen may display that a card feed error has occurred when a print job stops printing cards. Steps to follow to correct the card feed error and continue card printing are as follows:

1. Clean the printer with a printer cleaning kit. Make sure that all of the rollers are cleaned well.

2. Check and replace the card cleaner roller that is attached to the blue cleaner roller cartridge. This is located in the inside right hand side of the printer. Make sure that the cleaner roller cartridge is seated all the way down into the the slot.

3. Check your PVC cards for extensive static that can cause the cards to stick together and not feed properly.

4. Make sure the card thickness gauge on the right hand side of the card hopper is set to the proper card thickness for the cards you are using.

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2 thoughts on “Card Feed Error on a DTC525 and DTC 550 Printer

  1. SafeCardID Team

    The humidity condition of the room where you are printing or storing your cards can affect the static electricity in the cards. Increase the humidity in the room to help decrease the static. We have heard of people using static cling sheets for the dryer to wipe over the sides of the pack of cards prior to installing them in the printer. Do not wipe the printing surface of the cards with the static cling sheet. This could cause erratic printing results.

  2. Rafael Sanchez

    Yuoe web site is full of info, but …
    Do you have any suggestions in how to eliminate static from pvc cards.


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