What are CR-80 ID Cards?

CR-80 id cards are the standard id card size in the identification industry. The card is commonly known as the credit card size id card. The PVC card is a small thin card that is 3.4 inches wide, 2.15 inches long and .030 ml thick. The most familiar cards of this type are the standard credit card or driver’s license that you are carrying in your wallet.

The card is often a simple single side photo id card that is used by a student, employee or group member. These cards are also becoming increasingly more capable of additional uses. Today’s cards are often embeded with access capabilities to buildings and are more secure with various advanced card production features.

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ID Cards for Schools

Schools of all kinds from preschools to universities are finding the id cards can be beneficial for many reasons. Some of the most popular reasons to use id cards are as follows:

Student Identification

Student identification cards can be used not only as a basic id. Many schools use the cards to track attendance at class or various non-classroom events. Other uses are for media center material checkout and meal plan debit systems. Some schools use the id card during class registration. Newer uses of the cards also include debiting to student bank accounts for various purchases.

Employee Identification

Many of the student uses are also available for use with employee ids. Additional functions with the employee id would include the use of time and attendance tracking for payroll.

Visitor Identifiication

Generic or individual visitor badges assist schools in verifying the authority of an unfamiliar person on campus. Many schools have rather complex systems in checking visitors in and out and providing appropriate authoriziation methods for those visiting the school.

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Fargo Printer – Upgrading Firmware

Fargo ID card printers have software loaded into the printer that run the motor, printhead and so forth. At times, you may be required to update the firmware into the printer as new versions of the firmware are released.

To update the printer firmware, the best method of getting the corrected and/or updated version is to visit www.fargosupport.com. When on this site, you can either use the Fargo Diagnostics Utility or the new Fargo Workbench to load the needed file into the printer.

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Fargo C30e – New Persona Printer by Fargo

Persona C30e
On June 16, 2008, Fargo Electronics is releasing the Persona C30e id card printer. The single and dual sided id card printers are all about simplicity, reliability and affordability. The Fargo C30e printer is loaded with built-in versatility and is ready to change with your future needs.

This printer is for everyone who wants to make great looking plastic id cards – even technology cards – on a budget. The Persona C30e single or dual sided printer/encoder can print and encode your employee id cards in full color while printing contract workers badges in black and white. The printer can rewrite visitor badges and provide thin loyalty cards for mailing to customers.

The Persona C30 is available with modules to add card encoding to contact and contactless smart cards, proximity cards and magnetic stripe cards for access control or other specified applications.

Ethernet and an internal print server option an be added for shared networked card printing applications.

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How does a YMCKO print ribbon work for an id card printer?

Die sublimation id card machines use a print ribbon that contains panels of color and other needed layers. Each panel passes over the blank card in order until the panel pass is complete and the card contains the colors and overlays necessary to duplicate the design on the card.

The YMC are the three panels of color. Standing for yellow, magenta, and cyan, these panels orderly move over the card and provide the amount of color necessary to produce a full color image where needed and other colors desired according to the badge design.

Once the color has been placed on the card, the K panel of the id card printer ribbon passes over the card to provide resin black printing for black text and bar codes.

Using a YMCKO ribbon, the card is completed after the o panel has been applied to the card. This overlay panel is a clear protective panel that covers the colors on the badge.

Based on specific printers or your card requirements, the card printer ribbon needed may have more or less of the above combination of panels.

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What is that fine white line in my id card?

If you look at an id card after it has been printed and you see a fine, straight white line running the long length of the card, there is a problem with the id card printer printhead. The printhead has been damaged or has burnt out.

Most often replacement of the printhead is required to be able to remove the white line from future id card print jobs. Prior to purchase, check to see if the printhead is still under manufacturer’s warranty. Quality printer manufacturers often replace their printer printheads for a certain amount of time after purhcase. The printhead may be able to be replaced without cost.

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Evolis Card Printers – How to Print a Test Card

When you install your Evolis id card printer for the first time, it is recommended that you print a test card.  This PVC card will run through your printer in the same manner as your id cards and will provide technical information about your printer.  The card will contain the model number and serial number as well as other information that may be needed in the future.

Here are the steps to producing the test card.

1.  Install a print ribbon in the printer and put blank PVC cards into the printer feeder.

2.  Make sure the printer is turned off.  The green indicator light will be off.

3.  Gently push on the green light on the control panel until it flashes.

4.  Push the green button for a few seconds.

5.  The test card will print and eject from the printer into the hopper.

6.  Save the test card with your printer documentation.

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Evolis Card Printers – How to load PVC Cards

The following steps will make loading PVC cards into an Evolis ID card printer  with a card feeder a breeze:

1.  Gently press on the sides of the card feeder to lift it out of the printer.

2.  Turn over the card feeder to access the bottom of the feeder.

3.  Drop the plate and insert the number of cards needed to place in the printer.

4.  Adjust the handle from right to left to make sure that the correct thickness of the cards will run through the machine.

5.  Place the card feeder back into the printer.

6. When the feeder is snapped back into the printer correctly, you will hear a click.

7.  Print PVC cards per your badge design.

For more information about Evolis ID card printers, visit our Evolis Tattoo, Evolis Pebble, Evolis Dualys, Evolis Quantum or Evolis Securion product pages.  For a free consultation regarding what printer would be the best fit for your application, contact us toll free at 888-485-4696.

Evolis Pebble and Dualys Extended Warranties – Best in the Industry

Evolis, manufacturer of the Pebble4 and Dualys3 PVC ID card printers, extended the manufacturer’s warranty for these two printer models by an additional year. Both card printers now come with a three year manufacturer warranty. The warranty applies to all components of the Pebble4 and Dualys3 card printers, including the printhead for any number of prints during the time frame.

For assistance with manufacturer warranty issues from our Evolis printers, including the Pebble or Dualys,  contact our technical assistance through our toll free telephone lines at 888-485-4696.

Adding a Variable Text to Your ID Card Design in Asure ID Card Software

SafeCardID.com offers a free training video which demonstrates how to add a variable text field to an id card design when setting up an id badge template in Asure software.

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